You’ve just inherited your aunt’s fine artwork, mother’s antique estate jewelry, or your father’s gold coin collection. While the sentimental value may be obvious, the financial value may not be so clear. It’s possible you could be looking at a significant financial value or just another pretty painting that’s not worth more than the cost of framing. Bradford’s can perform appraisals for various purposes such as taxes, estate planning, sale or acquisition.

At Bradford’s a professional personal property appraiser can help you authenticate, value and appraise your estate or inheritance. Whether you need to value an estate for charitable tax deductions, divide up your assets or simply purchase insurance; it pays to know the value of what you own in your personal collection or inherited from a loved one. Contact the team at Bradford’s to schedule your consultation and confidential appraisal. In addition, to valuation and appraisal we can help you by providing guidance to the most advantageous avenues for asset disposition.


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